Baby Boy J's Studio Newborn Session | Northern New Jersey Newborn Photographer

Baby Boy J was born right around Christmas and he joined my in our studio located in Hewitt, about 3 weeks later for an amazing session. We had everything out for mom and dad to choose from… Whether is would be something grey, blue or cream, and they decided to go with a nice light blue and cream.

He arrived quietly sleeping and I couldn’t wait to start cuddling him and start the session right away.

He snuggled in pretty well and preferred to be wrapped right away. How can you blame him, to be nice and snuggled up in a warm and fuzzy wrap.


After doing a variety of poses it was time to unwrap this little squish and get some adorable photos unwrapped. He just loved being wrapped, but he did fall asleep not long after and we got some adorable shots!

He was such the perfect little guy! I loved creating these memories for his mom and dad. <3

I am so happy they chose Jennifer Parrello Photography, LLC. to capture these amazing memories.


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Valentine's Day is almost here! - Northern New Jersey Newborn, Child & Family Photographer

I will be the first to admit I just never really celebrated Valentine's Day.  Growing up it was just another day to me and even in to my college years I felt the same way.  This all ended when I had little ones of my own.  Now, no matter the holiday, big or small.... it is huge to my girls.  They think it is the best thing ever.  Seeing the look on their face and in their eyes when my oldest writes out her cards to her friends is just adorable and pure.  Gosh, now that Valentine's Day is tomorrow, I can't wait to see the look on my girls' faces when they wake and get in their cute outfits.  When my oldest gets home from school to show me all of her cards from her friends.... <3

This little cutie was photographed back in the fall and couldn't help but post it today... maybe its the color of her outfit which reminded me of Valentine's Day or was it the pure, innocent and captivating look in her eyes that she will get to have the same joy as my girls' do on holidays.  

I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's Day!

Baby L & C - Northern New Jersey Newborn Photographer

Having one gorgeous and amazing newborn to photograph is amazing, but when you have 2 it is out of this world!  I was able to photograph to gorgeous newborn twins recently and their session was just perfection.  They were born about a month early and both weighed over 5 lbs.  They had the happiest big brother who loved helping out and couldn't wait to have his photo taken with them.  I can't wait to see them again for their milestone session in a few months!

A Wonderful 1st Birthday Session!

Nothing better than turning the big ol' 1!  Such an exciting time for families and for the birthday girl/boy as well.  This birthday girl absolutely LOVED hanging out and getting her photos taken.  Her big brother wasn't camera shy either.  <3

Summer Lifestyle Session

Gosh, I love the summertime and everything that goes along with it.  Just the relaxed atmosphere, the sun shining and all of the amazing things that summer brings about.  I had this amazing lifestyle session and boy was it perfect. 

Baby L was such a DREAM!

Baby L was the most amazing baby I have ever photographed.  She slept from the moment she was in my arms and was still sleeping when I was leaving the home.  Mom and dad were the ultimate Giant's fans and had the most adorable robe for her.  It was one of their first baby purchases before she was born.  Gahhh!!!!  Loved photographing her so much!