Hey there! Aside from being a full time mom of 3 kiddos, part-time teacher and wife, I am the photographer at Jennifer Parrello Photography. I'm a fun, loving, energetic and at times, a silly gal! Which helps a lot when it comes to working with the little ones! My style is to capture the essence of a person. I want to be able to capture that real moment, the genuine smiles, laughter, silliness, and all of those special moments.

I make it my goal to provide all of my clients with a genuine experience they can treasure. After our initial consultation, whether it be over the phone or in person, we will discuss the details of your shoot and lock in the date, I am right by your side answering any questions you may have, etc... I am always available to chat about your upcoming session!  Go ahead, send me those session outfits pictures in the middle of the night or just to tell me about an idea you had, with two little ones I may or may not be up at all hours of the night.  HAHA!  The stressing stops here. You are not bothering me. You couldn't possibly bother me. Ask your questions! That's what I'm here for! When shoot day arrives, I will do what I do best. Your job is to Relax. Take a deep breath and most of all, have fun!

Finding the right photographer to capture those lasting memories and one that you can connect with is important.  It is always an honor to share my time and talent with you.  

I look forward to working with you and helping to preserve memories for you and your family! Are you excited yet!?!