Dubsado - The Most Awesome Client Management System!

Let me talk to you about the most awesome client management system ever created . . . Dubsado!

Before I was introduced to Dubsado, I did everything the old fashioned way when it came to my business . . PAPER and PEN. What in the world was I thinking?! I never sent out electronic invoices, never put any client names in to a computer system . . NEVER.

I was then introduced to Dubsado and it has changed my business beyond words, no joke. I tried a few different trial runs of a few different client management programs and Dubsado by far was the easiest to use, most visually appealing to me and my clients loved it!

I no longer have 100’s of papers on my desk with names and numbers. Everything is in Dubsado. I do everything from inputing client names, invoicing, sending out contracts, sending out prep forms and questionnaires and even scheduling sessions!

No joke, I do all of that in this one program. My life is so much easier now having been using Dubsado for about 2 years. Thank you times a million Dubsado for coming in to my life!!!

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Have a great day and Dubsado it up!!!!! <3

Jennifer Parrello